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last minute change of plans

back down to croatia

Inevitable really that we changed our plans due to weather forecast...!!!!!

new route - adding on croatia at the end.....









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Pre trip planning and blog testing

So after last years trip through Europe to Croatia, C and I are off again this year, building up those travel miles.
The difference this year is were using a motorhome, instead of car and hotels. we've used the motorhome before and i struggled with my back due to seating position, so initially were going to have a test weekend in the UK, putting in some miles with a back support, lets see if this sorts it out.

Im definitely keen to get a scooter attached to the back of the motorhome as well. having looked into this it would appear to have a simple 125cc is still a licensing nightmare. I can go for a 50cc and carry C, but im sure it wont be powerful enough in the long run (fine for small runs in local places). not sure how it will cope with hills and traffic speeds. To get a license to go to 125cc and carry a passenger is long winded and relatively expensive for what it is.....circa £700 in the uk. !!! So decision to be made there.

We then need the right carrier on the back of the mh which looks like it wont be that straightforward due to weights, towbar type etc etc.....decision number two needed there.

We will want to put cycles on as well so need to plan how and where (definitely at the rear, probably between scooter and rear).

Finally, we must decide our route and destination - As we completed most of Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Croatia (north) we think we will do a two week FRance trip. We know most of the Eastern edge down to Cote D'Azur, and Northern France incl Brittany. Probably into Brittany and down the Atlantic cost, whizzing back across to Marseille and North from there.

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